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Shri Rajpal Singh was born in 1914 in the district of Bulandshahar, state of Uttar Pradesh, in the village of Gangapur. He was born to a very simple family. His father, Tulsi Singh, was a farmer and his mother a housewife. Shri Rajpal Singh was married to Shrimati Prem Vati Devi. His education was done in Dibai. One of his sons Dr. H.Singh was Head of the Department of Chemistry, Dharam Samaj College, Aligarh, and later on became Chairman of Digambar P.G. College Dibai. During his life time Shri Rajpal Singh devoted his life to the education of children, in particular girls. He was a staunch Arya Samaji and a philanthropist within his limits. To achieve his desires he spent a good amount of his time in travel and prayers. Having seen his dreams slowly become a reality he breathed his last in 2007.

Shrimati Prem Vati Devi was born in 1919 in the village of Kheda Khurd District Aligarh. Her father Shri Chandan Singh was a farmer but who believed in the education of women and saw to it that she was educated till the middle school even during the period of British rule in India. She was married to Shri Rajpal Singh of Gangapur village. She mothered two children, one a son and the other a daughter. Her entire life was centered around her children and her sole aim was to see them achieve success, which she did. Shrimati Prem Vati Devi breathed her last in 2004.