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Sheila Devi was born in 1967 in the village of Vijay Naglia, P.O. Bailon, Distt. Bulandshahar, to a simple family. Her father Shri Mawasi Singh was a farmer and her mother a housewife. Her childhood was one of extreme struggle. She had a strong desire to study but due to social pressure could not complete her studies beyond Middle School.

In 1984 she was married to Dr. H.Singh, son of Shri Rajpal Singh. Her husband came from the village Gangapur and was already in the acadaemic field being Head of the Department of Chemistrry, Dharam Samaj College, Aligarh. He was selected as a member for the administration and running of the primary and middle level Digambar P.G. College

Prior to her marriage she was interested in the upliftment of girls through the medium of education. To achieve this she established a primary school in her father's village of Naglia. It was after her marriage and with exposure to a world of education through her husband she decided to bring higher education to women. To achieve this she decided to set up a college for women in Dibai. This became a reality in 2008 when she established S.S.D. Kanya Degree College and opened the doors to women for higher education with classed for both B.A.

Her objective of seeing women independent and standing on their own feet is fast becoming a concrete truth and her own efforts towards that is no small contribution.